In summer watering plants is must also it is the most difficult time for container plant watering, the amount of water may vary from species to species. Container plants outdoors need more water than those indoors. This is because higher temperatures, direct sunlight and wind, dry the soil quickly. So in early morning or early evening is the optimal time to water the containers, as this will give the plant some time to take up the water. It takes much to water and it is tough time to protect them from starving. We cannot use multiple taps to operate because again our involvement is must to check them, so I am looking for smart hardware so that the watering can be automated to each category of plants.


The current project kit is useful in watering Hanging pots, vertical gardening, Stool/Stand pot, horticulture colonies, in houses, Public gardens, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurant, etc were plants are grown for beautification and cleanliness. Through this method water wastage can be reduced and limited quantity of water can be deposited to plants. The beauty of the system is, it will water the plants at a time so that we can make observations without worry. Water flow or sprinkling nozzles can be used for the motor to deposit the water for plants. It will be very interesting design and will attract the gardeners to install in their farms. These systems can be useful for agriculturists, horticulturists, hobbyists to grown their plants healthier in drastic situations.