Installing the setup to different pots is important and in home the pots will be located at different places like in garden, balcony, hanging, etc.

In the present blog I would like to give on idea to set the watering time for different sized pots. In the below figure the two pots can water upto ONE minutes based on Flow Rate 80 L/H.

In the below figure Two tray are used for Marie-gold, Zinnia flower plants, roselle plants to grow it require half liter of water that can be distributed with the DC Water pump for this the motor should run upto HALF minute  with a flowrate of 80 L/H

In the below figure a big size pot with different moss rose plants and flower plants are placed it require Two liter of water so the motor can run upto TWO minutes


In home some plants are in pots and some plants or on the ground for those based on the water requirement the Water motor can run to the desired time to supply water for tree plants like in mango garden, plantain etc can be used high rated water motors and relay shield because those motors need high power supply.