1. Description of Proposed Project

This project is designed for villagers or passerby who may be exposed to great danger of unexpected flood discharge. This alarm pack sends alarm to persons lingered in Reservoir Downstream Riverbed, allows them enough time to take precautions.

With further reseach, there have been some shortcomings in my proposed plan. I would revised a little to make it practical. I would replace OP3001 with Water Clarity sensor TSW-10 for clarity detection.

Further study shall be made to arrange the alarm pack nodes along the river and transimission data to downstream. This appears more challengous, but the TI-CC2650 via Zigbee protocle can do the job. At lease a pair of CC2650 shall be needed and within the time limit, I do not think I can make it operational. I will try to work on it after placing another order for CC2650 design packs.

2. Hardware and software

2.1 Principle Blocks

The sensors of  alarm pack is  in a waterproof hollow rod erected in riverbed.

The PCB capacity sensor immersed in water can measure the water lever with capacity variation.

TSW-10 water clarity sensor immersed in water can sense the water clarity if more soil is flushed with the water as another sign of flood.

These data are sent for Cloud backup with CC3100 for WIFI or CC2650 for BLE communication. Only one boostpack, CC3100 or CC2650  can be attached to the MSP432 launchpad. Therefore it is better to used CC3100 boostpack for cloud connection. With CC2650, most of the clouding programming shall be done on mobile APP side, it can be made as one option solution if time is enough.


2.2 Hardware

The following design kits shall be used,

EXP432P401R- Central monitoring and capacitor sensor detection.

CC3100MODBOOST_ Internet connection

430BOOST-SHARP96430BOOST-SHARP96Memory LCD Booster Pack-local setting and User interface(Optional since the alarm pack immersed in water LCD can be little use underwater but I will use the LCD durging test procedure

One TSW-10  clarity sensor shall be used instead of OP3001(On boostpack , it is hard to be watertight )

MSP432P401 is core MCU to control all the operation and communication jobs, including water level sensing, water pollution sensoring, sensor data cloud backup, alarm trigger, internet connection, sign and sound alarming.


2.3 Software

TI CCS shall be used for IDE platform since all the library, samples and documents are embedded in this software. No further programming or debugging software shall be needed.

Extra effort on customized PCB board design for this alarm pack shall be made if the project can be completed in time and passed pilot test. CADSTAR shall be used for this purpose.  MSP432P401  and CC3200 , which is compatible with CC3100, shall be integrated in this design.

As to the cloud, Amazon AWS IoT+Lambda service or Azure can be used for IoT connection. But more flexible dweet.io can be better choice. I will finalized in my design.


3 I hope I can complete the design in time and design one customized prototype PCB board as final product.