The kit is here, today came the sensor shield.

The wifi kit had an issue with the software support and is currently upgraded from the CC3100 to the CC3120. The 432 boards only support the newer CC3120. Code Composer is installed.



Current status: Still waiting for the kit. I will use my mac to create the code for the project..


From what I learned so far, I need to write the code on the 432 and use a WIFI shield to prepare the web page and send out the data. The 432 boards come with an RTOS. Hope thats not to complex to use.



Just as an overview here is my original response for the project:


Motorcycle Winter Monitor


The challenge

If you live in the northern part of the US you know the drill. Every fall you winterize your toys, Motorcycles, classic cars, convertibles, boats. Every spring you face the same issues, battery died, mice chewed through the charger wires, hoses busted.


The solution

Equip the battery charger, conditioner with an IOT monitor. Measure battery voltage, charging current temperature, humidity. Transmit it via bluetooth or wifi to smart phone. Anytime your worried about your toy in the corner of your garage, where you can't get to now? Just look at your phone and you get a great health status.



Use one the wifi / bluetooth  chipsets with a build in processor and analog inputs. Connect the inputs to the sensing circuits for voltage, current, temperature and humidity. Processing requirements are low, so the build in processor can handle the load. For power supply of the circuit use the battery charger itself. No need to be super lower power.

Implement a simple bluethooth / wifi app for the smart phone. For wifi a small HTML script called from a browser should be fine. Make sure you can handle multiple devices, for every toy you have winterized.