Safe and Sound – Cold Weather Survival Suit Post #1


Reason why:

This is a news report from January 11th, 2017:


On Tuesday, the warnings covered northeastern Alberta, almost all of Saskatchewan and much of western Manitoba. All people
in those regions are being warned of extreme conditions into Wednesday morning that feel like -45 to -52 with the wind.


Attached is another Alberta winter weather report from 2 weeks ago.




As you can see, we get severe cold weather and like it or not we still go out. Either going to work, shopping or recreational the weather
doesn’t get in our way. When I get up to go to work in this cold time of year I always wish there was a better way to stay warm.


This is how I came up with the Cold Weather Survival Suit.


Explanation of my project

I will take full body thermal underwear and have it computer controlled to:

  • Monitor body temperature at 7 points and outside
  • Display information on the LCD screen
  • Display warnings when your temperature drops
    below a set amount
  • Warm the part of you that is getting to cold


How this will work

The TI  MSP-EXP432P401RMSP-EXP432P401R will monitor the sensors and control the heat The  430BOOST-SHARP96430BOOST-SHARP96 will display the information to the person
wearing the suit. I will also be using the BOOSTXL-SENSORS to pick-up other important information about the environment.


Heating of the suit

I have purchased (and now waiting to arrive) 8 meters of 15mm wide Carbon Fiber Tape. Carbon fiber tape is soft like silk and is 100%
washable. When electricity is put to it, it heats up like a heating blanket. The more electricity, the hotter it gets. Therefore the computer controlling
the carbon fiber will be very efficient for keeping the wearer warm.


Below are the carbon fiber specifications:




  fiber 100%


Heating element


  Ohm/m ( 5.5±0.5 Ohm/ft )


  g/m (1.5±0.15 g/ft)


17±2 mm
  (0.67±0.08 in)


  mm (0.024±0.004 in)


50±10 kg





Diagram of the suit



There will be sensors and carbon fiber elements in the back as well the head




Final Thoughts


This is a project I have wanted to make for a few years, now is a great opportunity to make create my idea. Something I will definitely use as well !!


Dale Winhold