Hi guys, before I start I wanna confess "I'm not good with the writing stuffs"


Monitoring Elderly and Disabled Patients is always been a challenge and watching them over when they are left alone is much more challenging.


Here's a short description of what we've planned to do.


We wanted to make something that could monitor them,when they are left alone...We wanted to do something else other than the usual health monitors.


So we decided to make a T-shirt to will all sensors to monitor the Patient's movements and vitals.


For normal vitals and movements nothing will happen, but just in case of some abnormal motions or change in vitals, the message relays to Rpi over Bluetooth, and camera connected to Rpi will send out a live feed along with the vitals to mobile of a care takers.


We also want to keep a Relay to switch ON lights just in case if its dark, embedded buttons in the T-shirt can be used manually by the patient to call for help.