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As we know that vehicle safety and security is a chief concern of today’s fast life. We cannot avoid use of vehicles.

I am from India, belonging to a developing country with such a high volume of bikes and scooters, we witness a lot of accidents and thefts of these vehicles which in general have low security options and even less rider protection systems in place, with other developing countries also facing such problems such as Vietnam and Thailand.

There are no commercial off the shelf products which can provide any specific theft protection.

Although helmets are widely available, people prefer not to use them because of low police presence and no proper training, Times are changing, INDIANS are NOT.

I have acquired some data and statistics to support my claim.

You can clearly see some astonishing data, of the accidents in my country. I didn't get time for getting data for the world.

Also we have some data showing the numbers of thefts of 2 wheelers.

So, i thought why not design something, to change the whole dynamics. So, there it was my project RIDER PROTECTION AND VEHICLE SAFETY GEAR.



I propose a two stepped solution

  1. Firstly, i propose a safety lock, working both ways for security and avoiding accidents, before the vehicle starts.
  2. Secondly, a different system that provides safety during the bike ride.



  • We start with the unlocking of the vehicle, for which we use a NFC tag that is established in the vehicle, as soon as a RFID is tagged, the controller connects the batteries to the ignition. User can also add a capacitive touch pad, using Capacitive touch booster pack for additon security, for high crime affected regions.
  • Now, coming to the safety situation, we will have a smart helmet, this helmet will have inbuilt bluetooth connectivity, using BLE Network Processor, which connects your phone to the helmet. While the helmet is necessary switch to turn on the bike, making a compulsory switch for the biker to wear a helmet.


  • The sensor booster pack will be used, for any mishaps, we would detect the change in accelerometer and gyroscope readings, detecting any variation that corresponds to accident, a SMS will be sent to a specified phone number, which will be done with a BLE implementation, on the mobile phone OS.




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