This blog shows the Booster Pack PCB I designed to accommodate 5 sensors. After viewing the video - I think it might have been cool to order a red card instead of green.

The card was ordered from SeeedStudio and took exactly 7 days from time of order to arrive on my doorstep half way around the planet.

I don't yet have all the components to assemble the card, but the card itself and the sensors have come in so I can show roughly how the sensors will be mounted....

This is the tenth blog in this project and it is not even half complete yet, but at least there is steady progress and the biggest uncertainties have been eliminated. (getting MQTT communications running and getting the PCB and sensors delivered)

My next blog will likely start to delve into the hazards of ELF, radio waves and microwaves and how I intend to measure them.

It is possible I will have an MQTT client system working soon as well.


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