I have missed the last week’s post due to a number of reasons and this week I am presenting another facet of the TI Platforms. I have been working with the various components of the kit to understand their working and how the code works. In this instalment, I explain Code Composer Studio and the TIREX or TI Resource Explorer. 


CCS Cloud


Going to presents the user with a login form after which Code Composer Studio Cloud is loaded into the web browser. Unlike it’s desktop counter-part, the IDE does not need updating and in my view is perfect for getting started quickly. While working with the Sample Code, I ran into some problems. Instead of writing up a post, I am providing a video with explanation and demo of the code, IDE and the problems faced.



More work

I am still working on some parts and demo code with limited success. My aim is to provide a novel method of creating an IoT Wearable however there are a number of problems to be solved.


  1. Getting all the parts running right.
  2. Write a cordova app for BLE configuration
  3. Get the CC1310 to work with a modified version of MQTT-SN. Yea I’ve tried it but am writing my own gateway in NodeJS and hitting a few snags. Here is where the Protocol Series fits in
  4. Get the BQ25570 to work with a superCap. Issues with my current Lab are not permitting work to happen seamlessly.
  5. Put humpty dumpty together.


Lots of head scratching lies ahead. 



Thanks for reading and happy hacking.