This post is about enclosures and in particular about a case I designed for the Texas Instruments CC1310 that will fit about anything. Since there are no official enclosures out there for the LPs I though I would give it a shot. The difference between this one and a soap case is the ability to use the Launchpad while in the protective housing.


The objective here is to keep the launchpad safe and sound and hence this case has the necessary features to do exactly that. The design has no way for stray solder or water to get in from the bottom and the buttons on the sides are recessed with ease of access but no way for solids to get through. The USB connector slot is large and allows users to access the port as well as a reset button in some launchpads.


The lid has locks to snap it in place and the pins can be easily accessed via slots on the top.


CC1310LP Enclosure v3.png


I uploaded the first version at and am going to release the second version this week.


Here is a video of the print and modifications to make version 2.0



I intend to research light pipes more and also reduce the thickness of the top lid.



For now, the case is keeping my LP safe while I experiment some more.



Happy hacking,