Title: Wearable Tracking Device for Miners

By: sunnyiut

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Design Challenge: Safe and Sound Wearables

Blog number: 15





This is my final blog post regarding this design challenge.

I am writing this blog at around 1 pm in my time, that is around 7 am GMT.


As the deadline approaches near, I am presenting whatever I have done so far.



Brief Project Proposal Overview:

full system.jpg


My Project Proposal was to design a wearable device which will be mounted on the wrist of the Miners to collect and display environmental information and develop an RFID based system to track the location of the miners.


System components -

  • 1. Wearable device mounted on the wrist of the miner
    • sensors -
      • ambient light
      • ambient temperature
      • atmospheric pressure
      • relative humidity
      • contact-less IR temperature sensor to measure object temperature
    • TFT display unit
    • Battery charger and PSU
  • 2. RFID 13.56MHz tag reader to detect valid ID of the miners
    • it will be placed at the entry of the working zone
    • miners have to punch their tags during entry
    • at detection of valid ID it will display the miner's profile
    • send the miner's ID and working zone ID with entry time to the central monitor
  • 3. Central monitor will collect miners' location for all the RFID device placed at different zones, and log it for future investigation.


I have completed designing the first two components of the total system. Right now I am working on the 'Central Monitor' part. As I don't have any more time left on project submission deadline, I am posting the final updates of the first two components. I have already posted a couple of demonstrations regarding these devices in my previous blogs. So in this blog I'll post the final updates only.


1. The wearable device:


Experimental Setup and sample display output - demonstration can be found in this blog [12: Integrating 3 sensors in firmware]



Final product - I have not populated some of the components those are not needed for this project proposal [like the TFT touch panel interface etc.]







2. RFID Reader to locate Miners: demonstration can be found in this blog [14: RC522- reading RFID tags]




Both the devices together:



3. Central Monitor:

I am still working on this part of the system. I'll carry it on and post my updates later on..... may be after the submission deadline


However, It's been a nice design challenge - I've enjoyed a lot playing with these kits.

Creative and awesome projects and blogs have been posted so far by the contestants. So many things to learn......


I have tried my best to contribute whatever I can, though not in a regular manner. My blog posts were irregular, I am sorry for that.


Thanks to ELEMENT14 and TI for this opportunity.



A few days back I have received a gift from Element 14 to participate in this design challenge. It's a eZ430 - Chronos Development Tool from TI.


There was also a thanks giving note .....


eZ430-Chronos Development Tool