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Safe and Sound

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Hello guys,


Have been busy for a while, shifting work place and buggy internet.


So here comes this weeks blog post.


So far we tried to sense vitals, struggled capturing the Data learning the launchpad and the buggy Energia IDE and my noise problem, (well found out that was because of Ground Loop We fixed a little but still it exists, had to hold my breath for few seconds to get a proper values) . Still we made things move forward, well spent sleepless nights trying to connect the BLE Booster pack finally ending up with a alternate solution and pushing data into the cloud.


So what was missing? A notification to your loved ones when they are needed, turning on the Light when it is dark. So yeah this is my closing blog.


So the setup and everything is the same.


I'm just gonna show the Demo here. I don't want to fall from the bed so made a slight change in the LaunchPad Code, so that it relays the collected data to Edison.

We also attached a 5V led module to the Edison, So that if the Lighting is dull it would turn it ON. Well it worked as expected.


You can get all the codes, the Android APK into our GitHub Rep.


The Setup

We are using a Power Bank for powering the T-shirt.







Its Dark and I'm Falling....

Time to test things, I Just added a few lines to the unified program, so it pushes all the data collected by the sensor, I don't want to fall from the bed .



Well the Edison Switched on the Light, Pushed the things into the Cloud, and our Page Displayed a Live feed with the Vitals,



The App

Screenshot_20170609-160527.png  Screenshot_20170609-160427.png   Screenshot_20170609-160433.png


We also built the Android App.


Lets see if we get a Notification, Yeah We do got it,





So yeah we successfully done it!!


Screenshot_20170609-160514.pngYeah that ugly face is me ,


So i should thank everyone who inspired, motivated and pushed us to complete this, I need to personally than my friend and partner Karthik

without whom these things would have just been only in the paper.




Hello guys,


This week we gonna send the data received by the Edison to a local along with a Video feed.

For now I'm sending out the ECG data, and the video feed to a local cloud, our pc.


All the source files can be found in our Github repository.


Here I'm sending ECG data captured to Edison, from there (along with a video feed) to the FTP server, a php script fetches the data and plots the ECG graph and a visual too.

We are using Wamp, our windows PC becomes the local cloud.


What we've done

Created a ftp Server in Windows PC


Install mjpg-streamer on edison "opkg install mjpg-streamer"


I'm using Logitech C270 which was fortunately supported by Edison.


  " mjpg_streamer -i " -n -f 30 -r 800x600" -o " -p 8080 -w ./www" "

for streaming video on http://192.168.1.xx:8080/?action=stream




Start Wamp sever and Browse to localserver/T%20Shirt/


{gallery} To the Cloud

Screenshot (20).png

Check if ECG data is stored.

Screenshot (21).png

Yeah we got the data into the edison

Screenshot (22).png

FTP server before receiving the data

Screenshot (23).png

Yeah we got the data in Server, the "ECG.txt" file

Screenshot (19).png

and to the cloud, the php script plots the ECG graph and the video feed


Next weeks update will be the mobile App and must be the closing blog.



Hello guys,


Sorry fornot updating for two weeks, my PC crashed lost almost all the files and I was also kinda stressed.. Trying to redo a lot stuffs, have been busy too..

Here comes this week's update......

So this blog covers the Bluetooth part, Sending Data Collected by Launchpad to Intel Edison.But first we need to make them speak.




I'll be using the cheap HC-05 Bluetooth modules for this purpose.

The Reason : The Bluetooth booster pack had some UID issues when connecting to the Edison. On the other side I tried to configure the Edison to receive the Bluetooth Data but now lost all the documentations.


Most of you guys would know about the HC-05, I've a plenty of them lying around.





Testing the Modules.


The Setup


HC-05                Launchpad           

Tx                           P3.2                 

Rx                           P3.3                

5V                            5V

GND                       GND



Don't mind those push buttons, they are dummy



The Test Code:

Just in case to test the

The same works for both the Edison(Arduino IDE) and Launchpad (Energia IDE)

void setup() {


char recvChar;

void loop() {
       recvChar =;


I had this android app written using MITapp Inventor long ago for some other purpose, but came handy for testing these modules. There are plenty of Apps like this in the store.

and Test results were both the modules worked.





Whats Next?We need to make two Bluetooth Radios to talk, so we need to make one of the HC-05 as Master and the other as slave,this can be done by entering into the AT mode. There are a lot of tutorials out there for this process, but I'm gonna skip them.

I just used a USB to UART chip from FTDI and configured them.

For now one module is configured as Master and bind to the other one.


Sending data from Energia to Edison:


The Setup:


One hooked up with Launchpad another with Edison


HC-05                Launchpad            Edison in Arduino Breakout

  Tx                        P3.2                                     0

  Rx                        P3.3                                     1

  5V                         5V                                      5V

GND                     GND                                   GND







The code for Launchpad is same as the test code, for the Edison alone I've added a few lines, so that it can log the data into a text file. fopen() and fprintf() functions came in handy.


Edison Code:

FILE* fp;
char recvChar;

void setup() {
 system("echo T-shirt > /log.txt");


void loop() {
       recvChar =;
       recvChar =;

This data for now is the one I'm entering in the SerialMonitor of Energia IDE but this actually will be the data collected from the Sensors in the upcoming blog.


Sent a "Hello" from LaunchPad to Edison





Hello guys,


How its going?


Here is this weeks write up, I just put up everything together and placed them on my cycling t-shirt .

I've made a change with the pulse sensor, I'm currently using a one based on MAX30100, though its an obsolete product I found it to be simple and also capable of giving SpO2 Level too.


Some soldering works


Some more soldering.....


Skipping some soldering photos...


Well I connected the Pulse, Temperature, Light and Accelerometer to the I2C Bus, 3V3 and GND.


The ECG is connected to 3V3, GND, Analog Pin and 2 GPIO Pins.

The Breathe Sensor, Analog Pin, 3V3, GND


Here is the T-shirt


Placing the sensors into the T-shirt.






The code was written based on the Multitasking Event Library in Energia IDE and is available on Github.

Well the sugar, spice and everything nice turned out to be everything "noise".


A sample of ECG captured, still wondering what is causing out the noise.




Hello Guys,

This week's blog is here, so started working on IMU and Light sensors.


I had a few issues with the Sensors booster pack BMI160 and the Energia, I'm still working on it but for now I'm using a MPU6050. Well its a I2C accelerometer and gyroscope.


You can get the library and the examples over here, this guy has done a great job. You might get a few warnings when compiling the free fall example in Energia IDE. Just open the MPU6050.cpp file and remove ';' on the #endif statements.


I just made small modification to the Freefall example in the loop section. Just to display a message when I drop the breadboard


void loop()
  Vector rawAccel = mpu.readRawAccel();
  Activites act = mpu.readActivites();
  Serial.print("Madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push");



The connections are straight forward,












and for the optical sensor I'm using the OPT3001 itself, but from a separate breakout board.  connections are same as for the MPU6050.




and here we go, fluorescent light was about some 6ft away from the sensor.




The code? Well i used the opt3001 demo code in the energia IDE .




Hi guys,


Have been busy lately, so here is this week's post. Sensing Breathe and Temperature.


I came across this conductive elastic chord which changes its resistance as it is stretched, so decided to use it as a respiratory sensor. 1m of the chord has a resistance about 10k and increases as elongated.




The setup:


The chord is without any insulation so I had to tape them on my t-shirt to avoid shorts.




Just a analog read program with increased delay and the Serial Plotter gave:



A expected output but too much of noise, tired replacing the jumpers, isolated power supply. Any suggestions or solutions are welcomed.


The temperature sensor is actually a MAX30205.

Its actually a clinical grade I2C sensor, you can find the library and Example code here.



3V3 -----> 3V3

GND ----> GND

SCL ----> SCL

SDA ----> SDA




I just Increased the delay to 1000ms

Temp Out.jpg



Hello Guys,


This weeks write up is ECG and Pulse.


For ECG signal conditioning I have used AD8232 Board.


And a Simple Pulse sensor from eBay.



The Setup & Pulse displayed in the Sharp LCD.




We also obtained the ECG waveform it isn't perfect probably due to bad ground.




I  was actually so dumb that I forgot to notice the Serial Plotter in Enegia IDE, had to copy data to Excel and Plot it .







Will be away for next 5 days not sure if I could update things coming week.




Hello guys,


I'm so excited, recieved the kit finally.




Nothing gives the Happiness of seeing a new piece of Hardware...




How could some one start developing without the blink??




and some fun with Sensor Booster Pack and Sharp Display




What else??

Somemore fun with UART over BLE, it was cool actually. well colors do bring happiness...




To be frank this is the first time I'm having a hands-on experience with a Ti MCU, Well everything is good, just try to handle the Sharp Display with extra care the connector strip seems to be very delicate I almost broke it. A piece of tape came in handy.




Started working with the main stuff, will be rolling out the updates soon.



Hello guys,


I'll be receiving the kits in a day or two, so excited about it, this weeks write-up is a short video describing our game plan. What we have actually planned to do.


We actually made a small change, We replaced the Rpi with Intel Edison, we wanted to try it out with Edison.






Hello guys, hope you all are doing good. Seems there is some delay in shipping the kits,so I was wonder what to post for the blog, I thought of posting the Video streaming and Cloud part, but i'll be too vague without the T-shit part,so decided to write the reason to make this T-shirt.


There are a lot of health monitors, activity trackers around us, locally connected to mobile or to a cloud.But still they lacked something.


We saw paralyzed and elderly people, who always require someone to be around to help with things,leaving them alone even for 30 minutes. The usual health monitors, activity trackers, patient monitors they just track temperature and pulse,some with accelerometers sends a notification if there is a sudden impact,but something more is required.


We searched for monitors, but there were only these IP cameras that continuously sends a camera feed or that can be turned ON remotely (the usual baby monitor stuff).


So we decided to make one,a one that could react and intimate, relay data on a manual button press or from the movements and vitals of the patient. You stay near or away from them, you'll know when things are going wrong and when you are really needed by them.


                                                                                                        "Necessity is the mother of Invention"

Hi guys, before I start I wanna confess "I'm not good with the writing stuffs"


Monitoring Elderly and Disabled Patients is always been a challenge and watching them over when they are left alone is much more challenging.


Here's a short description of what we've planned to do.


We wanted to make something that could monitor them,when they are left alone...We wanted to do something else other than the usual health monitors.


So we decided to make a T-shirt to will all sensors to monitor the Patient's movements and vitals.


For normal vitals and movements nothing will happen, but just in case of some abnormal motions or change in vitals, the message relays to Rpi over Bluetooth, and camera connected to Rpi will send out a live feed along with the vitals to mobile of a care takers.


We also want to keep a Relay to switch ON lights just in case if its dark, embedded buttons in the T-shirt can be used manually by the patient to call for help.