After a long wait, I finally received my RSL10-SENSE-GEVK Kit, delivered to me by DHL Express

The kit is enclosed in a big box, and inside the box contains a smaller box that has the logo of On-Semiconductor


This box looks so elegant and eco-friendly. I am excited to see what is inside


This box contains the RSL10-SENSE-GEVK itself, a Segger debugger J−Link LITE CortexM and a USB cable, a Bluetooth connector, a flexible antenna, battery, and a 10 pin connector.

The RSL10-SENSE-GEVK is inserted in a charge insulation package. The products are well enclosed in polyform materials for shock proofing.


After unboxing, I immediately connect the battery to the RSL10-SENSE-GEVK to test the board.

before I play with the board, I read the tutorial from this PDF file


I downloaded RSL10 Sense and Control mobile application. The mobile application detects and connects to the board rapidly via Bluetooth(less than 1 second)

It is amazing that the application can read sensor readings from the board without any kind of setup needed.

This shows the convenience of plug-and-play

I have tried out some functions like gyroscope, accelerometer, and temperature sensors.

The interface is quick and easy


In overall, I am very excited that I am shortlisted to be the participant and given chance to work with this RSL10-SENSE-GEVK board. I will do my best to win this competition.