So, while I'm waiting for hardware to arrive, I will ponder some of the project objectives and challenges.

1) I'm making a pet collar, so I need a pet collar and a way to attach the board to it.  This will require a 3D print and some board measurements.

2) To send data to the cloud, the unit currently uses an App on a phone, I'll need to do some range testing on the board and maybe some antenna mods.

3) I've downloaded documentation and code examples from and

4) Some code features:

- Determine if the dog is in the house

- Determine what room the dog is in

- Determine if the dog is sleeping or wandering around

- Determine if the dog is by the door and may need to go out

- Determine if the dog is by the food dish and may be hungry or thirsty

- Locate nearby bluetooth devices and connect if possible

- Use NFC as a "dog tag" for home address and phone number information for lost dog

- Dog-to-dog communication (secret feature)


I've been looking at pet tracking collars online, and the best ones have features I probably won't be able to duplicate.

- Waterproof - we'll see

- Smart LEDs - maybe

- GPS tracking and GEO-fencing - probably not

- Cellular communications - probably not.

- Remote "radar" tracking - I don't think so. (Garmin Astro Bundle cost $650 )

I like this design by Xingqijia, I'll 3D print something similar for this project