Think ON Design Challenge Blog Post #1

It has been months since I sent in my proposal to be part of this design challenge. I was quite excited to be chosen as a challenger. I was waiting to receive the RSL10-SENSE-GEVK before I did my first blog, but this is not the case. Up till now, I haven’t received any shipping information or the hardware. In this blog I will explain what my proposal was and how it will be accomplished.


My goal with this challenge is to create a wearable that will help you keep track of a family member. This could include, a sick child or adult, elderly person or anyone that may need to be monitored.


Below is a picture of how the RSL10 can accomplish this.



I want to use the NFC to alert you that the wearable is to close to something. This would be like stairs or an outside door. The programmable buttons can be used as a wearable operated alert button.

I will be able to give more details when I receive the hardware.


Thank you

Dale Winhold