With the technical side of the project progressing well, I started 3-D printing some enclosures for the RSL10 Beacons -honestly I always find an excuse to add 3D printed parts to my projects. At this point I got creative and came up with various types of enclosures.

RSL10 3d Printed enclosures

3D Print settings

Below the settings used in Cura:

  • Printer: Creality CR-10S
  • Material: PLA White
  • Infill: 20%, Gyroid
  • Adhesion: Skirt
  • Supports: No
  • Layer height: 0.2mm



There is not a lot to say here but let's mention some features that may not be noticeable:

RSL10-SENSE-GEVK Enclosure Render


Front Cap

The front cap has tiny holes that allow the sensors inside to breathe and a place for a 2mm light pipe2mm light pipe. I designed two of them with/without 20 degree stand.

RSL10 Enclosure Front Cap

Back Cap

The back cap also has tiny holes that allow the sensors inside to breathe and a Wall Mount option

RSL10 Enclosure Back Cap Styles

Now that the beacons have a place to be, the project is ready for the final wrap up.


3D models are available to download in this blog entry


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