Now a day mostly mass produced vegetables and fruits are GMOs, contaminated with dangerous chemical pesticides and traces of chemical fertilizers. And mostly products labeled as organic, are not 100% organic. So the best and most cost effective option to obtain organic vegetables is to produce them at your home.

So now question arises how can you grow vegetables at home without spending too much? Another problem is you can't have a same environmental conditions around the year and building an environment control growing area is very expensive and it will also required a large space. So my idea is based on these problems/issue that anyone face and how can you solve it without building a something so big and expensive like mars space station.


CBC documentary about organic foods and Farmer markets which are consider as original source of organic produce


Idea and Working principle:

Build a DIY smart, inexpensive and energy efficient organic garden with environment control feature so you can grow any thing 365 days a year without worrying about the suitable growing conditions. This smart garden will either autonomously control the environmental parameters according to a preset values or it can be remotely controlled and monitored through a cloud interface but with minimum power consumption.


Hardware Required:

On-Semi RSL10-Sense module

ADS1115 ADC module

INA219 high side voltage and current sensor module

0.96" OLED display

MCP23017 IC

PC817 Opto-couplers

MC1412 OR ULN2002 Darlington array

2N4401 transistor

LiPo Rider Plus

LiPo Battery

Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensors

Full Spectrum Grow LED Lights

1'x1' Glass Box

Organic Vegetable/Fruit Seeds

Potting Soil Mixture

Pot to grow plants OR seedling tray to prepare nursery

and lots of wires.




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