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Songbird final test

Posted by steven.hintz Mar 16, 2020
This is my final post for this prodject. the original idea was for one machine to make a very loud chirping noise under the water, that a second machine would then pick up and indicate in some way that something is wrong under the water, however when I went to go and build these machines I ended up only making one that was functional. The machine letting out the chirp worked perfectly, it is the red triangle in the video, and you can see other videos of how it works in my other blogs, but the se ...

Song bird blog #3

Posted by steven.hintz Jan 14, 2020
started wiring on the corresponding machine, and also I'm not sure if my pictures and vid's are available on my other blogs so I put them in this one as well. ...

Blog#2 songbird

Posted by steven.hintz Jan 13, 2020
Ok I finally got it working first test went great, this is the sound that the corresponding machine will pick up and hear. ...
Ok so I received my on semiconductor kit in the mail, and I'm learning to program it right now. There is definitely a learning curve but hopefully I can get it up and running. I'm hoping to make a machine that can help divers communicate with sound underwater. ...