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Electronic Upcycling ideas

Posted by mcb1 Top Member Jan 31, 2017
Enroll in the Challenge   I explained what I thought Electronic Upcycling was here What is Electronic Up-Cycling   As I explained previously, I'm into Hot Rods, so some of the projects involved adding some electronics to something to give them added value or usefulness. If I was a manufacturer these would be features. Many 'features' were options that were able to be ordered, or in our case only fitted to a more expensive model along with other 'features'.       Veh ...
Enroll in the Challenge   The dictionary says upcycling is :-   and electronics is :- So to me Electronic Upcycling is using semiconductors to create a product of higher quality (or purpose) than the original.   Sounds Simple Well it's very easy to say, and if we think about a few products I'm sure we can start to see what it's about.       E-Bike These are a push bike with an electronic motor attached. Rather than a simple motor, the newer versions hav ...