Brent Papesh bpapesh and I will be working on this project.


We will use an old front load washing machine to be used as the main assembly of the rotary hydroponic system controlled by the Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino


  • Steps to adapt the washing machine:


    • The washing machine drum will be adapted to hold the growing medium;
    • A mounting for the light source will be fit in the centre of the drum;
    • Provision for water pump, fans and sensors;
    • Motor and drum turning mechanism will be preserved.


  • Items monitored and  actuated by the Intel® Edison


    • Nutrient solution
      • Electrical conductivity;
      • Acidity (PH);
      • Level of solution in the tank.


    • Ambience
      • Light intensity;
      • Relative humidity;
      • Temperature;
      • Plant growing medium moisture;
      • Drum RPM.


    • Energy Consumption


    • Controlled Outputs
      • Water Pump;
      • Air Pump;
      • Drum Motor;
      • Lights;
      • Fan.


Intel Edison also will also be connected to the network through WiFi, allowing remote control, monitoring status through a dashboard, getting data in the cloud and sending alert messages.