"Enchanted Refrigerator"


My project proposal for "Enchanted_Refrigerator" is regarding upcycle my 2002 made godrej refrigerator with Intel Edison, So It can order consumable from Amazon using Amazon Dash Replenishment Service when consumables are about to run out and I have plan to add a NeoPixel RGB LED Lights with Intel Edison in refrigerator which is connected to my IoT based Smart Health monitor so by realtime data of my heart rate and body temperature, Color and pattern of this LED Lights changes and when I open my refrigerator just by looking at light color I will get to know what will be a good food to eat based on my health parameters..


Here is a build log of my project blogs for track project updates easily..


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1[Upcycle_It] Enchanted_Refrigerator: #1 Introduction
2[Upcycle_It] Enchanted_Refrigerator: #2 Initial Thoughts and Setup Intel Edison (SSH)
3[Upcycle_It] Enchanted_Refrigerator: #3 Intel Edsion Firmware Upgrade (Manually)
4Under progress..