My main concerns about the car were the high driving position and general space for the electronics. There were some handy screws on the front and back so I though those would make good points to attach my own platform. There is also a bit of flex in the chassis now so my additions will need to include re-enforcement.


{gallery} Car Modifications


Before: The car base

Step 1 Remove Battery Box

Step 1: After removing the battery box the platform was still quite high


Stripped: So I stripped it down even further

Lower driving position

Driver: New lower driving position

Edison on Car

Edison: There should be space in the engine compartment for the Edison


Disaster and repair

Although I'd previously thought that the gearboxes were fine, I noticed that one of the wheels was freewheeling whereas the other side turned as a pair. I opened up the gearbox again and spotted that one of the pinions was rotating freely on it's axle. When I removed it, it split into two.


I looked through my collection of gears and found a replacement, except it was connected to another gear. I sawed it off with a junior hacksaw and it fitted onto the spindle. It was a little loose so I added some cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue).


New GearGearboxIn place

Now my vehicle is back on the road and ready for some new electronics.


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