As part of this week update, after doing some repairs on my 3D printer, I have been designing and 3D printing parts for the mirror panels for the clock as you see in the picture below. After printing a couple of tests in blue PLA which you saw in a earlier blog post - Upcycled Clock - 3D printing parts to hold buttons,pot and LCD   , I had to modify the design ever so slightly in Fusion 360 for the seeed studio RGB LCD screen.The panels that you see on the left hand side of the clock are created to replace the mirrors, and these would include LEDs below the panels that will diffuse through a semi-transparent 3D printed part.



As shown in the pictures below the parts were 3D printed in 1.75mm wood filamanet.Here are some slicer setting that I am using on my Flashforge creator pro,and Sunlu wood filament

Nozzel temperature – 200 C

Bed temperature – 60 C

Extrusion speed 50 mm/s

Infill – 80%

First Layer height – 0.3mm

Layer height – 0.2 mm



{gallery} 3D printing

IMG_20170516_084830 (copy).jpg

Led diffusion panel


Button and pot panel

IMG_20170516_084701 (copy).jpg

LED diffuse'zr holders


Here are most of the 3D printed parts




Now after quite few hours of designing and 3D printing, it was time for the most boring part that is - sanding. After about an hour of sanding, I applied some stains to 3D printed panels to give it a rustic look to kind of match rim of the clock.As part of the stains I am using a combination of dark stain (Minwax wood finish), followed by a light stain.


You will have to leave the 3D printed parts to dry for at least another 8 hours, to get rid of stain smell and to dry in general.


{gallery} Sanding and finish the 3D prints




Minwax wood finish


Applying the Dark stain first


After applying the lighter stain.


Here is a closer look at the buttons/pot and grove RGB LCD mirror panel replacement.





As part of the next blog post, I plan to dual print parts with normal PLA and semi transparent PLA to diffuse the LEDs, I am currently figuring out why my right nozzle is not extruding , I am guessing it could be a nasty clog from trying out some exotic filaments aka Proto-pasta’s stainless steel PLA ,hoping to get this fixed tonight . Currently I have the twitter icon diffuse'zr part designed and printed in blue PLA, as shown by the green arrow.

IMG_20170517_190203 (another copy).jpg