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Upcycle It

3 Posts authored by: ochikov

Blog 2

Posted by ochikov Apr 21, 2017
Getting Familiar with Intel Edison   Hello, These days I have installed everything connected with Intel Edison:   Drivers, Linux Distribution I have updated the software   I also installed Intel XDK developer platform and run some examples that are provided with the platform itself. I start using NODE.JS I also test some examples for creating a phone application with temperature sensor.   Some pictures:   ...

Blog 1

Posted by ochikov Apr 10, 2017
Hello Everybody, So far I have received the KIT Now I am starting with the following activities:   My first task is to setup the kit - Mount the Intel Edison and make it run. I have watch a couple of videos in youtube how  to do it, so for this week, I think that this will be my task. I want also to run just one sensor, to know that it is running and there to get run the others. As you can see from my proposal, I have a weather station for inside and outside, however I don't hav ...


Posted by ochikov Mar 31, 2017
Introduction Blog,   Hello Everybody, As I plan to Upcycle an old video VHS player, this week I will tune it as I will remove everything from the video player that I am NOT going to use. After that I will manage to put a power supply for the Arduino (5volts). Also I plan to start installing cables for the sensors that are going to measure the temperature outside. Also I will explore more in details the ability to get out video signal or at least trigger some another device to get out the ...