Hello again this is Blog installment number two, It is a short introduction into what I already have up and running [including a youtube walk around] This is the environment that I will be employing the Challenge kit to. It is pretty intelligent already but lets take it one step further.


The Greenhouses has 6 Growing Systems as below and layout as shown in the diagram:


> Soil Based Platforms





               -Media Flood and Drain



               Small Media Flood and Drain

Screenshot from 2015-07-11 16:45:17.png



I use the Systems as a basic research bed for novel nutrient sourced farming. The soil is there to provide some produce and as a standard to compare the test ideas too. It is computer controlled and only required human interaction once a week, over the course of this competition we will be increasing its efficiency, user friendliness and level of control.



Hopefully this has reduced the amount of confusion. Anyone want  me to concentrate on anything specific in the future blogs?


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