It it crazy Just How much miss information there is about opencv and the Raspberry pi, many tutorials will guide you thru a installation process that takes 12 hours+ and has library's linked complexly.


Opencv 2.4.1 [CV2] is available in the default Rasbian Reposttory.

To Install on Rasbian, type the following into the command terminal:


Type Into Terminal

Sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade



sudo apt-get install libcv-dev

sudo apt-get install python-opencv

sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev

sudo apt-get install libcv2.3

sudo apt-get install opencv-doc


How To use:

>Open the File manager and go to your documents

>Right click>CreatNew>Empty File

>Add the line [#!/usr/bin/python] To the top of the file

>Save it as <FileName>.py

>Right Click on the File >Properties>Permissions and select everyone> OK

>Double click on the file and execute in terminal



>Remember it is a python based install of openCV 2

>Execute the python script as root if you want access to the GPIO pins

>If the script doesnt work, Cd / into the directory and run python <>


Useful Links:


Adaptive Threshold:

Other Threshold