This is the home page for the Automted Grenhouse vertical challenge Blog. Hopefully it will clean the project up a little and make it easy to follow, I will be updating it as the project progresses.


Take a look at the challenge summary:

Automated Green House Blog: #Competition Summary - November 2015




The Blogs I think you will find interesting can be split into three sections, Lots of youtube video's on how to make this stuff yourself.

Everything Is released under GNU or similar, so you can copy it and modify at your own risk.


The Vertical Challenge Basics

Take a look at the video to see where I am testing the technology, Blog 1 and 2 talk about the project aims in more detail.



Automated Fish Feeders

Fish feeding is an important factor in aquaponics but often overlooked due to complexity or price, these set of blogs will cover how to optimise the feeding times and amounts using openloop control, feedback control and feed forward control.



For more information on how to build the control systems, the feeders themselves and the general theory see blogs 3 to 7.


Ec meter

The strength of the nutrients we are using in vegetable growing matter quite a lot, It is useful if we can measure the strength of the growing solution. Take a look at blog 10 to see how we implement a cheap way to measure PPM / EC.




Aquaponics Dosing

This one is up and working, It will be uploaded as soon as the content is written



Some general arduino related content

I find it useful to measure the load on the arduino memory and keep a reading of the uptime.


Blogs 9 and 9.1 cover this.


Other Blogs

The titles here should give you enough information about the general topic of the Blog:


Blog:1 - Motivation


Blog:2 - The Youtube Walkaround


Blog:3 - Fish Feeding of the Future


Blog:4 - Building an automated feeder


Blog:5 - Vision Based Feeder Information


Blog:5.1 - Updated Basic Vision Code

Blog:5.2 - Vision based feeding Explination


Blog:6 -  Raspbery Pi and OpenCv the Easy Way


Blog:6.1 - Detecting Things OpenCv and raspberry pi


Blog:7 -  Arduino Temperature Compensating Feeder


Blog:8 -  Water Usage


Blog:8.1 -  Water Usage [LCD and Uno]


Blog:8.2 -  Water Meter Calibration


Blog:9 -  Some Generic Arduino Tricks - SRam - UpTime


Blog:9.1 - Updated uptime counter


Blog:9.2 - Updated uptime counter LCD


Blog:9.3 - Arduino EEPROM [Has it ever been written]


Blog:9.3 - Tip for trimming arduino If statement times


Blog:10 - Three Dollar EC PPM Meter for MCU


Blog:10.1 - Update Code For Three Dollar EC PPM Meter for MCU


Blog:10.9 - EC Projects Using Cheap EC Implementation


Blog:11 - Self Optimising Automated Nutrient Doser


Blog:11.1 - Self Optimising Automated Nutrient Doser - EC Optimisation


Blog:12 - Pesticide Doser, Cheap DIY Mister


Blog:13.1 - PH Delivery, Organic Egg Shell Based [Mech Portion]


Blog:13.2 - PH Control: Measurement Portion


Blog:13.3 - PH Control: PH Probe LCD Readout + Gui


Blog:13.4 - PH Control: PH Probe LCD Readout + Gui + Probe Health Readout


Blog:13.9 - PH Probe Revival: Ultrasonic Cleaning


Blog:14 - CO2: Measurement


Blog:15 - When Things Go Wrong


Blog:16 - Human Urine and Hydroponics


Blog:17 - Automated Soil Moisture Measurement


Blog:17.2 - Prolonging Probe Life


Blog:18.1 - On-line Data Logging [data.sparkfun]


Blog:18.2 - Data Logging: SD Card


Blog:18.3 - On line data Viewer [arduino, Ethernet]


Blog:18.4 - Combining ALL Three Logs


Blog:20.1 - Toying with Chemical Analysis - Essential Nutrients


Blog:20.2 - Toying with Chemical Analysis - pH


Blog:25 - Growing: Planting Seeds and Experimentation


Blog:25.1 - Growing: Transplanting Seedlings]


Blog:25.2 - One Month Grow Comparison


Blog:30.1 - Colaboration: Aquaponics LAB


Blog:30.2 - Colaboration: Aquaponics LAB Time Lapse


Blog:30.3 - Collaboration: Vertical Farming Association


Blog:40.1 - Laser Cut Aquaponics Overview Infographics


Blog:901 - Honey Extractor Electrification


Blog: #Competition Summary - November 2015


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