Well we all got the go ahead to plant off Dave. This is great news because here in England the temperature is dropping and the sunlight intensity is dropping with it.


Most of my systems are soi less, to keep things simple I use Rockwool starter cubes, to plant in rockwool we need to:

>Soak the cubes for half a hour in a solution of EC=1 PH=5.5 [Just what works for me]

>Place Seeds on Top of Cubed and press them in with a pen/prodder

>Place in a heated propagator [Too cold here for natural Germination]

>Water them daily with a weak nutrient solution [I have an automated system doing this that I might write up sometime]



The Experiment:

We are testing the germination success rate of cubes:

>Soaked in EC and PH adjusted fluid

>Soaked in just EC adjusted fluid


Glad this competition is rolling onto the growing stage,