The Association of Vertical Farming [AVF]:

Everyone in the competition has been lucky enough to receive some great products to get their grow under way will know a little bit about who the AVF are but for those of you on the blog but not in the competition, take a look at the website:


The AVF and Element14 have no doubt been working closely together,but the AVF have not been as active in the competition blogs/write-ups as I had been expecting.However the British representative of the AVF,Mark Horler has been in contact over most of the competition making a visit to see the greenhouse in person to see how the project was progressing and to discuss in general about modern farming in urban environments, I would just like to thank Mark for his interest in the challenge and his time. I did not manage to make a video log of the visit but the greenhouse webcam did take a snap shot of him:




I look forward to joining the AVF and seeing some of the other work they are doing.