In Aquaponics systems pH probes fail quickly, it is my belief that this is due to the probe membrane becoming blocked [just my theory, no proof to back it up]. If this is indeed the problem it stands to reason that we could extend the probe life by cleaning the probe during the monthly calibration.


There are two main ways to clean the glass probe:


>Chemically  [See link below for selecting the correct chemical for your probe use]


I like to keep my stock of chemicals to a minimum so he mechanical methods are more desirable to myself, in particular ultrasonic cleaning.







The Test:

>Verified probes where faulty [either fluctuation or slow response time]

>Clean with toothbrush and then place in ultrasonic cleaner for 6 -10 minutes

>Recalibrate and verify fluctuation and response is similar to new probe


The Results:

>50% success rate [4 probes tested] [Thanks for bringing this method up DAB]

note: Some of the probes may have failed by something other than blocked membrane



Keep an eye on the main blog for Updates, future updates on the pH portion are:

>Self aware code for arduino that will check for faulty probes as part of calibration routine

>A 3D printed probe cap and filter design that may increase the life of pH probes in aquaponics

>pH controller, all open source as always


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