The receiver IC is a 20-pin QFN. Although these CAN be soldered by hand (using a lot of flux) I'm very happy to be able my recently bought Atten858D+ hot air soldering station. Monte described his way of work in a previous post, and he's using the knees' bees in soldering equipment, something I'm a bit jealous of....

My hot air soldering station cost me <EUR60, but Monte was right to point out in a post that it has had its share of problems in wiring. Luckily my unit was wired correctly!



This video shows the soldering process. I can't time my profile, but I guess this isn't JEDEC standard compliant... Aligning the part on the pads was the hardest job, after that the soldering paste 'sucks' the part in place when it melts. Have fun at watching the video!