As you saw in the previous post I still have some boards left; I decided to do a real 'hack' to show how small you can make a Qi receiver. I soldered a Qi receiver circuit, and dremeled off the rest of the board. REAL PCB Hacking!


This setup worked, and I thought I'd make a QiLED (it's blue, so you could pronounce it as 'chilled' )light. Another possibility to "integrate Qi in daily life".



The IKEA card (default credit card size) was added as a size reference; and look at how small the Qi receiver in itself can be! The width of the board is now 23mm, and it could even be trimmed a bit down if needed!



Qihuahua powered wall lighting

To show the power of light that's available with this small receiver I took two pictures, one of the small 15W lamp that I normally use in our living room, and one where that light is combined with the QiLED, which is using about 1 Watt: 1/5th of the available Qi power!!


QiLED Qihuahua lighting vs. 'normal' light


Left: with QiLED powered by Qihuahua! Great!

Right: without QiLED: boring, dull, nah....


Amazing how much light power comes from 1 LED.... And powering this thing was VERY easy!

Of course the QiLED is powered by the Qihuahua in my home, but it can be supplied by any Qi compliant transmitter.