My idea for this challenge is to produce an "Electronic Shopping List" (eLIST), using a ePaper display and low power controller.


The concept is the device sits on the charger and receives entries to the list using a wireless solution (likely to be Bluetooth initially).

Entries can be added or subtracted using a web server application, that formats and transmits the list contents to the eLIST.


When its time to shop, the eLIST is removed and a charged cell provides energy to the ePaper and low power controller for the day.

Items can be ticked off as shopping progress's.

On return any items not ticked can be added back to the new list.


I intend to use Wyolum's BADGEr for the initial 'proof of concept', to reduce the construction time.


It a cheap effective device in its own right.

The final hardware may evolve or remain in the prototype form so others can duplicate it easily.



A second use for the display is for messages ie "Home at 5pm" or "Bring in the washing please" (as happens in our house).

These could be updated or changed using the internet and the webserver, and the on-board buttons.

Using feedback from the transmitter, the webserver will know if the display is present so it can report success or not to the message poster.

Polling the device can provide updates if the 'task' has been completed.


This concept could be a means to send messages to old folks who may not own or operate cellphones.


Both of these will be stretching my software skills, so I anticipate some frustration.



A second area I want to explore is using it to power EL lighting and EL Film.

They have a low power requirement and therefore the transfer efficiency can be dropped to increase the distance.

Increasing the distance may mean you don't have to drill holes or run and hide the wires for some applications.




My thanks to Wurth, Ti and element14 for allowing us to take up this challenge.




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