Many thanks to everyone who participated. We were very impressed by the creativity and talent of our competitors throughout the course of the challenge, and this presented us with a happy dilemma in choosing a winner.
We believe that it has been definitively proven that Wireless Power isn't just for phones: throughout the course of this challenge, we've seen it used in everything from an illuminated beer tap to a sensor for detecting melanoma.  There's no doubt that Wireless Power can make our world more fun as well as safer.
It is with the thought of safety applications in mind that we've chosen the Grand Prize Winner.  Although he didn't reach all the goals he set for himself, we're happy to announce that Eduardo Iscar Rüland ( ForcisConnect ) is the winner of the Grand Prize.  We have been impressed by his consistency, his dedication and we hope that the Grand Prize will inspire him further to achieve his goal of a hermetically sealed, wireless powered transponder for those working at sea.
We are also pleased to announce the winner of the Community Choice award.  With a clear majority of 57% of the votes, Mark Beckett ( mcb1 ) was the pick of the element14 community.
Please join me in congratulating both Eduardo and Mark; thanks again to all those who participated and thanks to our partners, Texas Instruments, Würth and CadSoft.
Winners Google Hangout