The Illuminated Beer Tap

featured in the "Beyond the Phone" Wireless Charging Challenge




Existing lamp Holder (Small).JPG

lamp holder

Internal Explained (Small).JPG

internal explanation


The tap is made from metal and features the product tube, as well as a cooling loop, and when in service is frozen with ice on the body.

Below you can see the tap in the ON state (at 50% brightness) with various colors.

Tap_White (Small).JPG


Tap_Blue (Small).JPG


Tap_Red (Small).JPG


Tap_Green (Small).JPG


The standard "Neopixel" ring was slightly too smal. However, as the final photos show once the product label was attached, the diffusion was sufficient.

When switched on, the illumination is white. Color change is performed by holding a magnet against the hall effect switch and it cycles through the rainbow.
With the blue product label, some colors do not produce well, and since I don't have the full range of labels, the above is a good representation of the effect.

Check out the video for a short demonstration of the illuminated beer tap.




Thanks a lot to Mark Beckett for his kind permission making this content visible for everyone here on element14 and his contribution throughout the "Beyond the Phone" challenge and the community itself.