• Replace triac BT137

    Hello,   I'm new to the forum, therefore I'm sorry if this post isn't in right place.   I'm hardware developer and currently, I'm changing a hold PCB that use triac BT137, because others components are ob...
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  • WIFI has to be disabled then enabled to connect

    On startup the WiFi does not auto connect. I have had to use connmanctl disable wifi then connmanctl enable wifi to connect to the network after every reboot. What am I missing?
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  • What to use for video output?

    Hello! I'm new here and I'm not sure if I am asking in the correct community.   I have a personal project I have been working on (planning to work on, I'm not too confident in my lack of skill). Essentially I'm ...
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  • Eagle Library for Switch from C&K Components

    Hi,   Anyone know if there is an Eagle library for C&K Components and their switches. Specifically I'm after the footprint for one (but maybe more): KSEK43G LFS (Farnell 2435308), seems to be a top seller....
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    created by r_iot
  • Soldering project for Army nerds

    Hi everyone I am a novice to asking questions on here but I have a project in mind. This August I will be in Texas for my yearly training with the MN National Guard and with my section being electronics and all I am w...
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  • A shopping question!

    Hi,   Excuse me if this is an inappropriate question here.   I ordered various items this morning and some have 'Awaiting delivery' status. Will any further imminent purchases that I make get automatically...
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  • Beaglebone black industrial CE marking

    We developed a cape for the beagebone black industrial by element14 and we were going to use it as data collector for our applications. When we sent the BBB industrial to laboratory for EMC tests as requested for the...
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  • smart thermostat

    Hi everyone I have a question that hopefully you guys can answer. My dad and I recently installed a propane heater in his work shop. The heater came with a thermostat but it takes a minute for it to heat up. I am hopi...
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  • Sparkfun Voltage Regulator for Nichrome Heater

    I'm wanting to use a 5V voltage regulator from Sparkfun. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/107 . I want to make sure I'm constructing the circuit correctly. I just want to run current through a heater wire. I've alrea...
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  • PIN diode search

    I am searching for a PIN diode made by OSM PIN: S200CL P/N 12-40-005 thanks for any help dimensions 20mm x 10mm p
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    created by vono19
  • Design Engineers: What Smartphone do you use?

    I am planning on purchasing a new phone in the near future.   I am confronted with two choices: an Android device or an iPhone.   As a consensus, what do you all use? Are there benefits in choosing either...
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  • Creating A New SBC From Raspberry Pi and New Linux Distro

    Hi there,   I am looking to start a new Linux distribution closely based on Raspbian and along with it, a new SBC based on the existing and future Raspberry Pi boards.   Splitting this into hardware and so...
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  • FCC certification for Raspberry Pi zero wireless

    I would like to use the Pi zero W in a product I'm designing. Do you know if the board has any FCC certification?
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  • Custom Keyboard Modifications

    So I recently got myself a new Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. Prior to this I had my Razer BlackWidow Chroma, the original one. I have had it for about 4 years and it is still in great working condition. I wanted to do s...
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    created by minutesperbeat
  • IC REF 08H

    Hi, I am looking for IC no : REF 08H  or alternate for the same.  Kindly suggest.   Sridhar
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    created by hydraulics2018
  • Help ammeter

    Hello my friends , It is a pleasure to be here : I would like to set up a current / power meter like this one here: https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-81426/l/single-phase-energy-meter-with-rogowski-coil-...
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  • Looking for some opinions

    So I created this Schematic and was wondering if people thought it would work and is laid out correctly?. It is a Lipo charging board.  
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  • Op Amp Voltage Follower for audio signal

    I'm trying to design an Arduino based intercom system.  I want to stick with the Arduino as a "brain" for the unit.   I'm using an Adafruit microphone to capture the audio on an Arduino without a problem.&#...
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  • 5v mobile charger pcb

    can someone help or suggest to design and manufacture good quality 5v mobile charger.
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    created by pawansaxena
  • Design of PCB Trace Routing

    Looking for advice for designing a PCB with several functions.  I am an amateur PCB designer and only designed one other small board but it worked.   This project currently has the following features:  ...
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