So I have a SAMA5D4 from Element 14 and wanted to try to pre-empt the issues we experienced last year with the SAMA5D3's, this was a distinct lack of working drivers and samples


With the Help of Christian doctorcdf and Atmel, I now have got many things actually working on the SAMA5D4... YAAAAAAA


so what have I achieved and will of course share with your all now for experimenting on your boards. the IO post can be found here :- SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra - Tips and Tricks #2 - Using the built in IO and external devices

Chip PDF doc:


Displays and matching OS images found with upload batch files

HDMI - Check works for the demo but not as a console

4.3" LCD... not so much, kind of works but needs some tweaking to say the least and touch does not work, I do not currently have the right model 4.3" LCD but if I get one I will update my findings

7" TM7000 - Check, again works for the demo but not as a console (Yet)

Headless - Check


Cool I/O stuff


Built in 12 bit ADC working , a few channels tested and will demo in command line and python

PCF8574 8 bit I2C port expander, done and tested, again will show in command and python

DAC8574 driving the TI 4 channel DAC,   (Yes I know, one hell of a co-incidence on the numbers ) again will show in command and python



So first things first, where to find the images and the displays


1.     the following link is the standard place for the demo images but it only has the batch and TCL file for the headless board

GettingStarted < Linux4SAM < TWiki

image here:

Help on loading the images can be found here:-


2. 4.3" LCD Display (You really need this display for it to work correctly PDA - TM4301 EMBEST Human Machine Interface - Touch Screen | 49X9922 | Newark element14 Canada

Image here:


3. HDMI Image here:


4. TM7000 7" lcd can be bought here: PDA - TM7000 EMBEST Human Machine Interface - Touch Screen | 49X9923 | Newark element14 Canada

Image here:

A bunch of material to guide using this display with the D4,

in order to use the TM7000 on the D4 you need to perform SMD soldering to move quite a few resistor jumbers, this is detailed in this PDF…



Basically all the images I used and more can be found here


Read up on SAMBA SoftwareTools < Linux4SAM < TWiki


A little board you may find useful for experimenting (I don't have one but I found reference to it so thought I would share )


The demo can be found in the folders under the /OPT/* once the image has been uploaded


Even though I now pointed out complete files ready to go, the following info shows how to edit the files as needed (Future reference)


additional info provided by Thomas from Atmel (Thanks Thomas )

In order to support either the HDMI or the TM4301 from PDA, you will need to edit the TCL file below you will find in the package: (demo_linux_nandflash.tcl)


File to edit : demo_linux_nandflash.tcl:

## Files to load

set bootstrapFile "sama5d4_xplained-nandflashboot-uboot-3.7.bin"

set ubootFile "u-boot-sama5d4_xplained_nandflash.bin"

set kernelFile "zImage-sama5d4"

set rootfsFile "atmel-xplained-demo-image-sama5d4_xplained.ubi"


## board variant

set boardFamily "at91-sama5d4"

set board_suffix "_xplained"

#set board_suffix "_xplained_hmi"

#set board_suffix "_xplained_mda4"


## dtb option

set use_dtb "yes"


## uboot env option

set build_uboot_env "yes"


## now call common script

source demo_script_linux_nandflash.tcl


there is also a training PDF Thomas provided that helped allot in getting the board working as I wanted including using the IO, it is for the SAMA5D3 and I had some things to change but it was a great help to get things going so it is attached to this post.

My next post will cover my work on the I/O including ADC, DAC, I/O and I2C stuff and a ton of working examples.