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Single-Board Computers

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(Left) RA 3D dev board with speaker (Right) Stepper driver 3 pack for only $33 (via Elefu & Kickstarter)   Planning on building your own 3D printer, or customizing one you already have? You might want to check out the RA 3D printing controller board currently on Kickstarter. Richard Thomson, Tim Anderson, and Devin Hales have created this board by Elefu to easily customize any 3D printer and have packed it full of features.     Some of the many features of the board include ...
Q4 controllers (via kickstarter)   Kickstarter's windfall funding strikes again.   RC car, plane and robotics enthusiasts looking for a controller that can handle just about anything need only to look at Quantum Robotics open-source Q2/Q4 controllers for their remote-control fix. The company recently surpassed their production goal of $7,000 US ($16,660 with 17 days to go) for funding on Kickstarter. The Xbee-based controllers have a staggering amount of gimbal, toggle-switch and butt ...

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