StickNFind, Bluetooth tracking "stickers" (via Indiegogo)


Everybody’s lost something at some point in their lives which made for a rather bad day, such as losing your car keys, misplacing the family pet or missing out on your favorite show because you’re remote went AWOL (again). The people over at StickNfind have addressed these ‘losing’ issues that are sure to help keep track of your frequently missing items with the help of stickers the size of a coat button. These aren’t just any stickers though. The company developed their system for missing items using Bluetooth technology and an accompanying smartphone app that allows you to find anything the stickers are, well - stuck to. The stickers are designed around a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module, powered by a CR2016 watch battery, which has a connectivity range of 100ft (or 30 meters) with a direct line-of-sight as well as a built-in LED signaling light and buzzer to help with location detection.



Concept "radar" for finding the items (via Indigogo)


The accompanying app can be used as a ‘RADAR-like’ (does not actually work like RADAR systems) which shows an approximation of distance, not direction, of the item/s location. Once the sticker is located the distance will increase or decrease based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal and whether or not you’re walking to it or away from it. The app (primarily targeted for Apple mobile devices but will work with Android devices with 4.1 or higher) also features a ‘Virtual Leash’ mode so that if the sticker (or you) moves away from your mobile device it will alert you when it reaches a predefined approximate distance, and it can be configured to use different alerts assigned to multiple stickers. The app can also be configured to alert the user when a lost sticker comes into range, such as using it to find luggage at airport terminals that’s buried under mounds of bags. StickNFind is currently being funded on Indiegogo with a target goal of $70,000 US which has been surpassed with over $400,000 in pledges. Those interested can pledge $35 for 2 StickNfind stickers or wait for them to be commercially released sometime next year for a retail price of $49.95.


Another rags to riches story. Time to sell your ideas already!