The A13-OLinuXino - The touchscreen interface, Zigbee, expanded GPIO (via Olimex)


To add to the quickly expanding group of cheap, open-source, Linux-based microprocessing boards, Olimex has introduced a product of their own: the A13-OLinuXino. Unlike wildly popular boards of its class, such as the Raspberry Pi, the OlinuXino offers an improved processing speed and a fully open source product for complete, saleable customization.


The Bulgarian-based Olimex had implemented several design changes to their mini-PC, presently settling on the use of an A13 Cortex A8 processor operating at 1 GHz. In addition to featuring a 3DMali400 GPU and 512 MB of RAM, the board includes: 3+1 USB ports - 3 for users, one for Wi-Fi; an SD card connector for booting Linux images; a VGA output; audio out; microphone input; battery option with connector; RTC PCF8536 for real-time clock and alarms; 5 on-board keys for android navigation; a UEXT connector for Zigbee, Bluetooth, and relay modules; and a 68/74 pin GPIO connector. To round up its long list of features, the OLinuXino can also output video to an optional on-board 7” LCD with touchscreen by disabling VGA/HDMI.


Though comparisons can be made with this board and similar projects like the Raspberry pi and BeagleBone, Olimex stresses that their intention for the board is much different. Since the OLinuXino is completely open source - all hardware, software, and CAD files are available for anyone to use for their own personal or commercial use. And, unlike Raspberry Pi’s specific in-home use suggestion, the OLinuXino will operate in industrial environments with a noise-immune design tolerating temperatures from -25C to 85C.


Some of Olimex suggested potential applications include: 3D printer controller module, PLC programming language module, ZigBee sensor home automation, relay and sensor control through WiFi access, and any commercial product implementation.


The fast, fully open-source A13-OLinuXino is available on the Olimex website for 45 EUR ($59 USD) or 55 EUR ($72 USD) with Wi-Fi.



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