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Raspberry Pi 3

Posted by colonel_dirty Mar 10, 2018
Salutations I am a student at Northern Arizona University,       I am currently a participating in a robotics competition. I have a degree in Mechanical engineering and I am currently pursuing a second degree in computer science. The robot we are making for the competition is a soccer playing robot this is my first time doing programing like this. I have an understanding in Python and Java. We are using a Raspberry Pi 3 for the brains of the robot. I have installed Ras ...
Introduction The Leap Motion Controller is something that can be used as an input device for a computer (desktop/laptop or a single board computer). It can be placed on the desk, or if desired can be strapped onto a virtual reality (VR) headset if you have one. In brief, when it sees your hand or hands, it can analyse them to figure out where your fingers, palms and so on, are in three dimensional space. It can also figure out certain movements such as swipes. You could use it for controlling st ...

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