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Single-Board Computers

2 Posts authored by: Drew Fustini
I recently gave a presentation on Software Defined Radio (SDR) at my hackerspace in Chicago, Pumping Station: One.  I've attached the slides to this blog post for reference.  After the talk, someone told me they had seen a program that maps out airplanes flying in one's area based on data received via Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) on 1090 MHz.   After a search, I found dump1090 which works with cheap DVB-T USB sticks with certain Realtek chipsets thanks t ...
A friend recently asked me about what educational resources there are for engineering students.  These are resources that came to mind.  I'd appreciate any additional suggestions!   The Beaglebone for Embedded Linux Development | "I have developed a full series of videos on the Beaglebone – an Embedded Linux device that is perfect for getting started." "Dr. Derek Mol ...

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