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Single-Board Computers

2 Posts authored by: kk99
I have MicroSom i2ex with fuses configured to boot from SATA. I have added support to u-boot (based on version: 2017.05-rc1) to boot from SATA for HummingBoard Pro board. Here is repository: u-boot-imx6   Compilation: hg clone export ARCH=arm export CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf- make mx6cuboxi_defconfig make As result we get two files: SPL and u-boot.img. SPL file should be place ...

HummingBoard Pro case

Posted by kk99 Apr 6, 2017
I bought case called: EM-RasPI B for my single board computer: HummingBoard Pro. Because this is made from aluminum I have added connector for external Wi-Fi antenna. Here are photos of HummingBoard Pro computer and modified case. ...

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