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Single-Board Computers

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Applies to both the Inforce IFC6410 and IFC6410 Plus   Parts needed:   1x 28MM CPU HEATSINK 1x 5V FAN 1x Epoxy (can probably find it cheaper at a local hardware store) 1x 2-pin header cable (optional). I cut off the HDD LED connector from an old PC and soldered it to my fan. You could also just wrap it around the 5V and GND pins if you want.   Steps:   Heatsink only makes connection with the SoC package but it makes a pretty strong connection from the included sticky/th ...
A bottom mounted cooling solution is best for the Dragonboard 410c due to layout and top-side interference shield with air gap. This will work for all current and future Dragonboards that follow the same 96boards CE spec. Here's a summarization of what you need to do:   Required Items   A drill with a 3/32″ drill bit (or a drill press) 4x 4-40 PHILLIPS MACHINE SCREWS - These are self-tapping screws 4x 4MM M3 SPACERS 1x THERMAL PAD 1x ALUMINUM HEATSINK 2.0" WIDTH. Order 4" in ...

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