• BBBlue not starting...only green led..

    my perfectly working BBB now all the sudden doesnt want to start up, when I power it from the 12V round jack all I get is a green light, the blue light flashes dimly and goes away, nothing else happens. I have tried a...
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    created by imrj
  • beaglebone kernel panic

    We used beaglebon, loading angstrom on the sd card. It worked well, but now it does not load. When turned on, all 4 LEDs light up, then LED2 remains on. Tell me what's broken in beaglebone and how to fix it. Befor...
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    last modified by user21
  • Display Driver Board for my Tablet

    Hi All,   My first post here   My Tablet HP Omni 10 5600US dead recently and I want to use its display as monitor with use of display driver board. I was not able to find its model as it is not shown in a...
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    created by trecords
  • Power Requirements for the BeagleBone Blue

    Hi, I am using the BeagleBone Blue for a robotics project, but I have no intention of using the recommended 2-cell Lipos recommended in the documentation, as they don't have enough voltage or power output for the appl...
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    last modified by locknutbushing
  • Pi COM3 Carrier boards

    Are there any off the shelf carrier boards with Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS232/HDMI for Pi COM3?   It will be great to have a such a carrier board which can be used for lot of industrial and commercial use cases
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    last modified by piyer
  • Anybody else messing about with Node-Red?

    Just started with RPI, still trying to figure it out. Have been looking at Node-Red quite a bit and finding it very interesting but not as easy as it first looks. Years ago I wrote code in Assembly Language, Basic, ...
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    last modified by bobfla
  • Servo UBT-12HC

    How do I move the servo UBT-12HC on robot Alpha 1S.   thank you
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    created by danielsimarmata
  • Element 14 has not processed or notified me of shipment

    I'm slightly upset and don't know where to post this  or who to contact. I ordered an expansion card for the MIcroZed board on November 3. I requested expedited shipping and have not received any notification to ...
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    last modified by shanedora
  • SCB or Microcontroller 150C operating temp

    Does anyone know of a SBC or microcontroller that is capable of operating at 150C?
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    last modified by travisandersen
  • Automatic weighing machine

    Hi friends For my high school project. I want to build a automatic weighing machine which shows the avarage of every 20 weights it weighed and calculate the standard diviation of each weight with avarage weight. ...
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    last modified by khajavali1971
  • Sensing Skin is present

    Hi guys   I am working on a project that  involves detection of skin (and hair). The sensor should be in such a way that it should differentiate human skin from other objects like wood,dirt . Is there a com...
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    last modified by hasher
  • Multi-Radio IoT SoC

    Hi fellow makers and professionals,   I'm an experienced software engineer with an electronics background and have been prototyping over the past couple of years an IoT hub on the Raspberry Pi.  I've been s...
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    created by doug4350
  • BeagleBone capes for LinuxCNC

    I've talked to several designers of digital fabrication machines (laser cutter, 3D printers, CNC mills, Pick-n-Place, etc) that are incorporating the BeagleBone Black (BBB) into their machines.  It's price and ca...
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    last modified by Drew Fustini
  • Suggestion to send sensor data to internet cloud in remote location

    Hello, there are some machinery system in color chemical firms  which uses high power motor and to know the health status of these machines I am thinking to use some new IOT friendly device name wireless vibratio...
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    last modified by lukegar56
  • Designing new RPi-like board for doing HPC, ML, etc...?

    Hi guys, I don't know if this group is the place to ask such question, so please tell me if I have to change the group.   I saw a lot of people clustered their RPis for different purposes (e.g. data mining, mac...
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    created by manili

    Hi   I am a developer of gas fired appliances i am looking for help to write some programming on PLC chips Is there anyone who could do this for me
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    last modified by xheat862
  • Looking for Hilscher CIF 30-DPM

    Hai everbody...   Mayby someone know.... where to bu Hilscher CIF 30-DPM in Singapore?   Thank's in advance.   Best regard Irsyam Julfiar 0813 9584 3811
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    created by irsyam
  • Wireless Controlled Submarine

    I am a young hobbyist in electronics and have an idea in mind to build a small submarine which I can control using a computer or iPad. I was wondering what to use to communicate with the submarine, and whether to use ...
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    last modified by carl1126
  • MIDI IN ! Which SBC ? Intel Board ? Help !

    Hi,      While I have no issue programming anything I do not know how to have MIDI IN on a SBC Board. The Udoo x86 looks great however, I was wondering if anyone knows how to do such a thing ? I've se...
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    last modified by jon60074
  • Gigabit SBC with a lot of i/o

    Anyone know of a SBC with a lot of i/o and gigabit ethernet? I need it for a project where I'm taking input from a bunch of ADCs and then warping signals and sending them to a master node.   The best I could fin...
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    created by rbwilcoxon11