This is my design for a 3D printed enclosure, I have used OpenSCAD for this as it's my preferred design tool and just for fun I used the GIZMO2 as my development workstation.

To start with I set-up my GIZMO2 with a 120GB SSD and installed Lubuntu, this is Ubuntu but with a lightweight GUI so requires less memory.  I then installed OpenSCAD with a simple


sudo apt-get install openscad

If anyone would like the full details for installing Lubuntu on SSD let me know and I will post them.

Also just for fun I configured an email client so I didn't need to use another machine at the same time, indeed I am also writing this using the GIZMO2 with the Firefox web browser.

Here is an exploded view of all the parts for the final design,



As you can see the enclosure has three main parts, the base, middle, and top. there is also a small cover for the expansion ports and two small buttons for Power and Reset.

The GIZMO2 PCB is sandwiched between the base and middle parts.  M3 or similar sized self tapping  screws fasten everything together, The expansion port cover has ventilation slots and is a snug fit so is just pushed into place.

You can just use the base part on it's own if you wish to have full access to all the PCB buttons, LEDs connectors etc.


The design process.

     I started off by measuring the PCB and position of all the connectors. I then used these to create a model to represent all the space and openings withing the enclosure itself. I then designed a solid block and subtracted this model from it to create the final enclosure.  For printing I then split this into the three pieces required. The expansion cover and buttons are separate designs,


Here is what the internal space model looks like:


The radial structures on the top create the fan vent holes. I also added structures to hold a small piece of stripboard holding the two push buttons but you can't see them as they are inside this can see this in photos below.


and when you subtract this from a sold block you get this


Full OpenSCAD source code is attached, it's actually a text file so you don't need OpenSCAD to view it. all dimensions are in millimeters. if you don't understand any of it just ask.

Ok now for the photos




The large white adapter is a Pi-View HDMI to VGA

The USB dongle in the middle is a wifi adapter and the one at the bottom is for  USB wireless  keyboard and mouse


Here is a close-up of the power and reset buttons, maybe I should print them in another colour to make them stand out


And one with the top on



I just got to this part of the blog when cstanton  posted that the underside of the PCB should have some ventilation although I haven't had any problems and nothing feels too hot to the touch,  I have updated the attached sources to add some holes in the base, these are not shown in the photos and design images above. I will also add some small rubber feet to the bottom too. The airflow from the fan should exit via the slots in the expansion cover, if needed then some slots can be added to the side panels of the middle part.. This is where a thermal imaging camera would come in handy...  not got one though


So why print it in blue...  hmmm     well it is my favorite colour   but that's not the reason, it just so happens that I managed to get a great deal but they only had blue and so it's the cheapest filament I have, it prints fine and is ideal for prototype work. Once I am happy with the end product I can use other, more expensive and better quality filament in various colours.

My printer is a RepRapPro tricolour mendel which I have modified quite a bit, I have printed these with a 0.3mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. My print bed is heated glass with a thin coating of UHU glue stick 55 Deg bed temp 205 Deg nozzle temp for PLA.


Well there you have it,  All comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome.



EDIT: Here is the underside view with the added ventilation...  maybe a little OTT


Edit 06-April-2015 :-

I have made a couple of changes, increased size of fan vents and added some clips that go over screw holes an act as stands.