I came across the Catalyst Fire graphics chipset drivers for Gizmo2's G series system on chip and found the performance increase well worth the effort of installing them.


The AMD download site has tons of options but if you perservere, you can find the linux download for the device, I'll post specifics later.


Once downloaded, you get the opportunity to build your own packages specific to your operating system. I built them for Ubuntu 32bit which was a bit fiddly with having to install dependencies to build packages and that sort of thing.


I've added the packages built below. Remember, these are for Ubuntu 32-bit If anybody is wanting 64-bit versions, I should be getting around to trying it out but might be a couple of weeks before I get onto it.


Ive noticed some performance increase in the hardinfo benchmarks plus I installed the playdeb repository and downloaded a native 3d fps game called Warsow, the performance increase was very much noticable when pushed in a game that can utilise high end graphics chipsets.


Plus you get the control centre to boot. type amdcccle into a terminal to access it.


If you install the attached packages, they should open with the software centre (try appgrid for an amazing lightweight alternative) and try installing fglrx_14.502-0ubuntu_i386.deb first. The core and cccle packages should install with it. If not do them seperately. The -dev package needn't be installed.