To be able to play Amiga games, an emulator is needed; specifically SF-UAE.


The emulator needs to have roms that act as a kind of BIOS called kickstart in order to boot games. A company bought the rights to own kickstart so to use them legally, you either need to own an Amiga or purchase the license. Luckily, my collection of old Amiga's lets me use these kickstarts. I managed to find them by searching for Amiga Kickstart downloads in Google.


The games can be downloaded for free in .adf format that the emulator can use. Virtually all of these games are categorized as abandonware which means that they are free to download and use from the many sources!


For completeness, I've attached a copy of my FS-UAE directory including games, config scripts, kickstarts, and my own custom config scripts as an example of how the variopus components should be stored. Once again, if you don't own an Amiga or license don't use the kickstarts in there


Firstly we need to install FS-UAE


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fengestad/stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install fs-uae fs-uae-launcher fs-uae-arcade


Next run FS-UAE for the first time, it will likely give you an error but it's needed in order to make the directory structure.




Once it opens, close it again by pressing F12 using the up arrow to navigate to the X and pressing enter. FS-UAE should have made a folder at ~/Documents/FS-UAE containing various directories.


The first thing to do is create a default config script, you'll find a copy of mine in the attached .rar file in the directory ./FS-UAE/Configurations.


You'll also need to copy the Lotus2.adf file from the floppies directory since this is also the default game I used.


Feel free to replace your FS-UAE directory with the one I attached, this includes more games and pre-made configs.


An easy way to use FS-UAE is to open a terminal and type:



for a graphical interface to help configure and launch games.


Screenshot from 2015-04-27 17:24:47.png


The Hadron Vortex project needs games to be launched from command line so I make custom configurations in the my_configs folder for each game that I can launch from command line by typing "fs-uae [path to config]" and that launches the game without the launcher system but it does requi9re a more complete configuration script.


During play, pressing F12 will bring up the FS-UAE menu allowing to swap disk images in and out of the virtual disk drive, load and save games, and quit.




The next post will be launching graphical programs directly from the log in screen without needing a desktop.


I'm off to play some Cool Spot!!