The Gizmo's main limitation is it's ram which means that the less resources the system needs, the more we can devote towards applications that we want to use.


There are lots of lightweight Desktop environments that can help reduce these resources but it's worth considering launching programs without any desktop or file manager if you want to use your system towards a dedicated task.


When Ubuntu boots up, you should be presented with a log in screen asking for your password. At this point Xserver is running allowing graphical applications to be be used but there isn't a desktop loaded yet until you put in your password.


If you installed a different desktop than the standard one that Ubuntu ships with, you have the option of selecting to change the desktop shell type by pressing the little picture Icon, You then get a list of desktops that are available to log into.






Wouldn't it be great to just put a program in this list and launch that straight away instead of a desktop? That's what were gunna do!!


Any graphical application can be used, this is how to add the game Warsow to the list to launch independently without a desktop.


open Gedit as a superuser


sudo gedit

This allows us to save files into the filesystem.


Next paste the following into Gedit:


[Desktop Entry]


Comment=warsow game launcher





then save to /usr/share/xsessions/warsow.desktop


Log out or restart, when the log in screen appears, select the icon and you should see that warsow has been added to the list. Select it and enter your password and the game should launch independantly.


The Exec line can take any command line instruction including optional parameters.

the TryExec should just stay as the basic application without options.


You can have a dedicated web browser by making a .desktop file that launches firefox or a custom office machine by just making a .desktop file for libre office.


By far the most powerful thing to add to this list is a terminal. From there anything else can be launched from live command line!!


Try it out, it's definately useful for resource intensive applications!!