CapperLabs Greenhouse Controller Table of Contents
Blog 1 Introduction
Blog 2 System Components
Blog 3 Intel Edison
Blog 4 Grove-y
Blog 5 Round and Round
Blog 6 Automatic Vent

I just finished adding insulation and weather seal to my greenhouse for extending the growing season through winter.

I have some controls, sensors, and camera system installed, but they are not all connected together as a system.

I planned to use either a raspberry pi 3, or the Intel Edison kit to control heat, cooling, vents, humidity, and automatic watering and lighting,

and network the data and controls via WiFi and/or Bluetooth.


Since this project was picked to receive an Intel Edison dev kit, I will be using that platform base for this project.

So while I'm waiting for hardware to arrive, it's time to dig through the internet for documentation.

First the Intel site:

Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino* Hardware Guide

Hardware support information for yocto dist.

Index of /releases/yocto/yocto-2.2/machines/

yocto IRC channel

Loading Debian (Ubilinux) on the Edison

Edison tutorials and projects

The Best of INTEL Edison Projects

Nine Awesome Intel Edison Projects

The first challenge will be determining the best Linux dist. to install.

Stay tuned to this channel.....